If you are not a registered agent, please begin by filling out an application form:

Any applications submitted without an agent log-in cannot be linked to the agent at a later date.

Important application information

1. All documents must be in WORD, PDF, TIFF or JPEG format.

2. For EAP and Diploma programs, please provide (scanned copies) certified high school transcripts and graduation certificate in English as well as copies of the original documents. For Post-Grad programs, university transcripts will also be required.

3. If English is not your first language, please provide TOEFL or IELTS scores from within the last two years. (*If applying through SDS, IELTS is required)

4. Payment Options are Flywire (bank wire transfer) or Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard only). It takes approximately 10 days for the funds to arrive at Fanshawe College. We will begin processing your application once the funds have been received.

Note: For any questions please contact international@fanshawec.ca

To set up an account:

Please enter a valid email address. You will need to verify the address before you start the application – and all communication will be sent to this email address. It is not made public and will only be used to communicate with you.